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剧情介绍:  Haunted by the memory of Walter Holderlin, a soldier he killed during World War I, French musician Paul Renard (Phillips Holmes) confesses to a priest (Frank Sheridan), who grants him absolution. Using the address on a letter he found on the dead man's body, Paul then travels to Germany to find his family.  As anti-French sentiment continues to permeate Germany, Dr. Holderlin (Lionel Barrymore) initially refuses to welcome Paul into his home, but changes his mind when his son's fiancée Elsa identifies him as the man who has been leaving flowers on Walter's grave. Rather than reveal the real connection between them, Paul tells the Holderlin family he was a friend of their son, who attended the same musical conservatory he did.  Although the hostile townspeople and local gossips disapprove, the Holderlins befriend Paul, who finds himself falling in love with Elsa (Nancy Carroll). When she shows Paul her former fiancé's bedroom, he becomes distraught and tells her the truth. She convinces him not to confess to Walter's parents, who have embraced him as their second son, and Paul agrees to forego easing his conscience and stays with his adopted family. Dr. Holderlin presents Walter's violin to Paul, who plays it while Elsa accompanies him on the piano.  The film's original title, The Man I Killed, was changed to The Fifth Commandment to avoid giving "wrong impressions in the minds of the public about the character of the story." It ultimately was released as Broken Lullaby.
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剧情介绍:  大菩薩峠の頂上。机龍之助(市川雷蔵)は、居合わせた年老いた巡礼を一刀のもとに斬り捨てた。祖父の死に驚いたお松(山本富士子)は、怪盗・裏宿の七兵衛(見明凡太朗)に助けられ、江戸へ向かう。一方、龍之助は、御嶽山の奉納試合の相手・字津木文之丞の許嫁・お浜(中村玉緒)から、勝ちを譲るよう頼まれるが、これを断り、試合の中で文之丞を斬り倒す。そして水車小屋で悲嘆に暮れるお浜の操を奪った龍之助は、お浜を妻として共に江戸へ向かう。江戸で龍之助は新徴組に出入りし、近藤勇(菅原謙二)、芹沢鴨(根上淳)、土方歳三(千葉敏郎)らと知り合う。文之丞の訃報を知った弟の兵馬(本郷功次郎)は、龍之助の妖剣を討つべく、剣聖・島田虎之助(島田正吾)に学ぼうと江戸へ向かうが、お松と出会い、恋に落ちる。兵馬は龍之助の行方を突き止め、果たし状を送りつける。兵馬に討たれてくれと龍之助に頼むがお浜だったが、龍之助はお浜を斬り、江戸を後にして京都へ入る。途中、お浜そっくりのお豊(中村玉緒)を助けた龍之助は、芹沢をたよって新選組に入り、兵馬もまた近藤の世話で新選組入りする…。かつて大河内伝次郎や片岡千恵蔵が演じた虚無の剣士・机龍之助役に市川雷蔵が挑んだ「大菩薩峠」三部作の第一作。大衆小説の名作として名高い中里介山の原作を衣笠貞之助が脚色、監督を三隅研次が務め、ロマン漂うキメ細やかな演出を見せる。雷蔵は、クールな持ち味を発揮し、妖剣「音無しの構え」をあやつり、行く先々で波乱を巻き起こす机龍之助役を見事に演じ切った。また中村玉緒が、お浜、お豊の二役を演じ、妖しい女心を振りまく。
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剧情介绍:1951年的好莱坞,胸怀大志却整日在片场忙碌无所作为的艾得伍德终于有机会上演一出由他自己导演的戏。然而这一事业刚一开始便以失败告终。   听说制片商乔治韦斯正在策划一部名叫《我改变了性别》的影片,艾得伍德又马上自荐担任影片的导演兼主演。艾得努力劝说已退休的影星贝拉卢格斯复出,并要自己的女友多勒瑞斯也参演此片。但尽管筹备工作已完成过半,影片的片名也一再更迭,艾得却仍然没有获得拍片合同。受到挫折的艾得并未放弃梦想,他又为了另一部影片《原子能新娘》的资金四处奔波。为了几万美元的赞助,他屈从于一个肉类批发商的要求,让批发商的儿子饰了片中的英雄角色。   艾得在事业上屡屡受挫,女友多勒瑞斯也离他而去。疲惫的艾得被迫进了医院。在诊所里,艾得遇到了美丽的凯西。两人一见钟情,艾得也因此得到了片刻的宁静。   出院后不久,机会终于再次降临。艾得得知有家教堂有意赞助影片的拍摄。他立即赶去为自己的科幻片剧本游说。为了让对方满意,艾得还特地让全体人员做了洗礼,并按照教会的要求改了片名。   尽管困难重重,艾得仍然在努力而乐观地做着。影片终于上映了。在首映式上,艾得兴奋不已。他自认理想已经实现,终于能被世人永记。然而影片却并没有受到人们的欢迎。艾得伍德最终仍然只是一个失败的造梦者。
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剧情介绍:  A chilling mystery thriller, blessed by stirring imagination and striking acting performances, especially by child actors. Among witty scares invented by the director herself, we get closer to untreatable true sins of the Catholic religion. Skilfully raised fantasies about exorcism, possession and resurrection slowly transform into breath-taking horror, which may not leave your thoughts for a long time after the screening.  A devotedly faithful family mourns their elder son Han-byul. Both parents sincerely believe that it is the hand of good lord Jesus that tests them with painful suffering. The reverend advises adopting a child with special needs and sharing all the love they still have in their wounded hearts after the tragic accident. So the grieving parents embrace visually impaired charismatic Isaac, who quickly finds his place in their spacious two-storey house. The acutely sensitive boy counts that the kind family still consists of seven members, and witnesses how the crying Han-byul constantly visits them. Confused by incredible revelations, the mother starts to notice previously unseen guiding signs.  Guilt confronts sanity. Grief transmits into fear. Doubts bring home obsession. New clues expose hurtful lies. Divine faith opens all gates to powerful devilish manipulations. The prolonged process of healing disperses into drowned secrets. How long can you believe something whispered by someone who is not entirely trustworthy? How far will a loving mother go to protect her adopted child who suddenly uncovers not-so-pleasant truths?  源自:https://poff.ee/en/film/the-other-child/
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